Any Day Now

by Springtide Solace

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This is our debut album and we'd like to thank all the people who believed in us and supported us. We would like to thank Mike from Hexed for recording our album. We'd like to thank our merch girls Magretta and Alex for helping us sell merch and supporting us. We would like to thank everybody from Hexed for being our pals and playing shows with us and what not. We'd also like to thank all our of friends and fans who come to all our shows and are very supportive of what we like to do. We love you all and thank you.


released December 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Springtide Solace Chino Hills, California

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Track Name: Isolated Episodes
A moment seen with silent eyes
Broken down the minds demise
I can't remember
I can't remember
Fading hills from the sunrise
All come crashing down tonight
What's more to suffer
What's more to suffer
You, only care, when you live it, can you
feel it, coursing through your bones
All alone, in the winter, there's a splinter,
deep inside your dome
Fading hills from the sunrise
All come crashing down tonight
What's more to suffer
What's more to suffer
Track Name: 4 AM
Left all your common sense
Down on your floor
While you stayed up til its four
Did you have to be this bored
And maybe
I'm just as guilty now
Feared I'd be the same
Went from black and then to gray
Now I'll soon regret the day
You came inside my home, my home

Pulled all of my hair out
Clench fisted days
Under soft and spoken rain
Have you ever been insane
As I was
Vulgar repulsions hide
All behind your face
Letters I wrote out of place
Hope I never have to taste
Your life again, again
Track Name: Rooftop
Blood is thicker than water
So i thought i should call her
But i never made it too the phone
Hope that you'll forgive me
But you dont exist
So if you dont forgive me i guess ill never know
If i had one day left on Earth i would just sit
On my roof and fall through it
Things wont change
Life wont get better
Unless they change for the better
Track Name: Over the Hill
Where did the time go by
I can't accept the thought of getting old tonight
Overwhelmed and old
Living the unknown
Don't tell me that everything's alright

I don't wanna grow

My back starts stretching
As it aches into my the bed
How can I stop this intention to drop
Get it all out of my head

I don't wanna grow

18 years have passed on by
One day I'm sure to die
All I want is to a chance to see
An escape from reality
Track Name: All Will Still Remain
Open eyes as I looked up to the sky
And blurry visions in my mind
All will pass and sink into the floor
Been there and done it all before

As I age, my head stays high
Below the surface of the light
Though I'm scared, and frightened oftenly
I think I'm where I need to be

All will still remain

Days will change, your spirit never will
Took all the time you need to fill
On the sidewalk of an old and tattered trail
Every second left me pale

Break away, all will still remain the same
Break away, all will still remain the same
Track Name: Taking Back My Sweater
I was sixteen and broken
Here on your driveway as you
Called me on over
Left in confusion when you
Said you weren't so into me anymore

I can't keep lying but
I'm glad you're smiling now
All I ever wanted
Was for my girl to never
Feel like she was less than dirt

And even though you're not mine
It's nice to see you're doing fine
Without me
Track Name: Where Do I Go?
Every hour that I pass
Spilling poison to my brain
Let it sleep through out the night
And if I'm choking in my sleep
Promise me that you were fine
It's been a while since I've been caught in these recessions
Will you open up your door for me

You never called me on the phone
You never cared if I felt alone
I don't need you
Where do I go
Track Name: Burden
Can't thing of how or why I should mind
Loveless agendas that I left behind
Looked for the same eyes in others back then
Hope that the process won't start up again

Swallowed in lonely nights
Voidful sentiment
Reaching regretful heights
Broken promises

Justify alibis you couldn't make
Here's to the times you have ruined today
Count on the moment when it will relapse
Count on the moment when it will relapse

Tell someone you love them so you'll only
make a lie
Don't pretend you care if its just another
Cry about it later when you're waking up in
Said you were a burden now you're just
somebody's pain
Track Name: Loner
It's not emptiness, filled a void with anyone I see
Call it loneliness, how can I be trapped and still I'm free?
Maybe I'm just lost
Is it too hard to find someone who can ever make me feel alive

Tongue tied and dry to speak up my mind
Lust left my eyes so demented and blind
Down for the night so stay if you might
Trust me when I say that we'll be alright